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Shopify Themes for Developers

Planning Document


Create a partners account


This is how you can create a store for a client.

You can use this account to set up a developer only store

Description of the earnings

  • 20% for the life time of the customer you bild for

create a store

click stores

add store -> development store

create store with transfer disabled to use developer preview -> online store theme editor

tour of all the sections

we care about products and online store because we are developing a theme. could point to resources to explain the other parts

install theme kit

docs link

use theme check to lint your theme

docs link

import sample products

go to all products, import, sample csv template

select a new theme

install it

view the preview

Explain the theme code layout

themes -> actions -> edit code

Layout/theme.liquid will have the header and footer.

Comprised of layouts, templates, sections, snippets, assets, config