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Best way to create a digital garden

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start a digital garden i already Zettlekasten

whats the easiest and cheapest way

I dont know whether to start a whole different vault or build it onto my current system

im not really good with programming and git hub but I want to learn I have no idea how to set them up

does anyone have examples of digital gardens?

what is your current zettlekasten system? do you want your garden to be public or private? when you say youre not really good with programming, how not really good are you? are you a hobbyist coder or more experienced or less?

a version of the Luhmanns system currently have no evergreen notes

I want my system to be public but parts are my journal and throughts I want to not be seen basically no experience coding

I would like jeckyll but dont feel confident setting it up

how/where do you keep your notes currently? jekyll github would require copying notes across from your current system to your jekyll codebase

i keep everything stored in dropbox so I can use 1writer until I get access to the obsidian beta

are your files already in markdown?

I dont have money to spare (obsidian) there wouldnt be much initial setting up

working on jekyll requires technical knowhow: installing ruby, git versioning, setting up github, working with HTML and CSS

find a garden first and then look at what makes it work?

where do your notes live now?

i want something that looks nice that is easy tomaintain even if the initial set up is a bit technical

is custimizing the appearance important? or more important that the default looks nice? as long as it looks nice, I am not bothered with customizing

getting my personal obsidian css right was important because i am in it every day

I am reading how to take smart notes. I am learning the Zettelkasten method. Where did you learn this method?

I started with roam but moved to notion when they introduced back links. the cards in notion are a bit more pleasing to me than the set up i had in roam

(replying to the refined mind post) How much space does it use on your computer? I am getting stuck with the syntax not being right. Do I need to execute it in Ruby? or what. I am so confused.... it is the step in Max's set up that Im getting stuck at

forgive me if I write too simply but I frequently get the simple things wrong because I only gave them half an eye

I dont remember setting ruby and rubygems up as particularly straightforward well, that hurt. Actually, I do have to update my ruby version (how did I do that last time? direct download? homebrew? rvm?) to 3.0.0


digital garden zettlekasten gith hub vault/current system Luhmanns system evergreen notes dropbox 1writer obsidian obsidian css jekyll roam notion tiddly wiki back links ruby syntax ruby gems direct download homebrew rvm



jekyll/github as a way to build public garden look around at other digital gardens you like the look and behaviour of digital gardeners are also generous in explaining their use of tech

I like obsidian: free or $4/month for sync as compared to roam $15/month

im working on a note taking too right now and im interested in how we could support people like you who want to create a digital garden but dont code

I will be using my personal website for storing my digital garden but here are options:

Public roam database notion tiddly wiki



I run refined mind as my garden and wrote up how to set your own up. You said you are interested in learning some code so this might be a good walk through for you to experiment with


decided to go with obsidian publish as it is going to be easier to manage

theres also a new player in town https://athensresearch.github.io/athens/ https://github.com/athensresearch/athens

Simplest way to set up a public digital garden

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create a digital garden as a place to publish notes that dont fit in on my content marketing sites sort of like apersonal blog or microblog

I've looked at tutorials like TiddlyWiki and Jeckyll but those aren't tools im familiar with and found them really overwhelming

any help brainstorming something simpler?

main tools I use for content writing now are Drafts, Notion, Obsidian, and Wordpress

maybe like a custom post type in WordPress to create a separate feed from the blog that feeds in from one of the other 3 drafting tools?

or a new notion workspace i can move notes to when Im ready to publish them to the garden

so this changes the way you add links to wordpress content? or actually change the way they appear to readers?

I dont think mymind will be sharable soon if ever

Im trying to figure out if a digital garden is possible using the writing tools I already use listed in the post

Im not in tech and I have no idea what things like jeckyll and gatsby are

im looking for a digital garden to showcase what Im already learning vs adding to the list of things I need to learn before I can start sharing, you know?

if you wish to automate publication from X to Wordpress it's going to be complex, I know it because I wrote it what do you mean by X?

I've automated wordpress publishing with Zapier before so I was going to look into that if I went with WordPress

page per page automation is easy; it starts to be complex when pages refer each other

since one of the characteristics of digital garden is to be heavily cross-linked, it's an obstacle

I've been considering nootion as a way to get this done. Any hints or pitfalls I should avoid?

The notion idea is great

is there any reason for not setting up a personal website for the same purpose? My other sites are content marketing funnels that I've worked hard to optimize the SEO and user experience of specifically to guide people to their associated products and services

I dont want to clutter those spaces with this stuff... Those sites will be where finalized ideas go once I've used the mind garden to develop them

could you point me to some tutorials for how to use micro blog?

(blot.it) it currently does not support wiki links or backlinks. I also think you need to be comfortable with CSS and HTML because the built in templates are generic


digital garden personal blog microblog || tiddlywiki || jeckyll || drafts || notion |||||| notion workspace obsidian ||| obsidian vault wordpress ||||||| wordpress plugin drafting tools content writing Gatsby self host github pages are.na mymind.com ||| github clone wiki Zapier SEO User experience content marketing zettlekasten roam blot.it ||| wiki links


My first instinct was to Gatsby Its gotten really great and I can own the garden. It doesnt have to conform to a 3rd party service

If you'd like to self-host tiddly wiki with github pages, I wrote down a step by step instructions here: https://learnawesome.org/digitalgardensetup

https://www.are.na/ looks great for random publishing

keep an eye on my mind https://mymind.com%2C/ although I'm not sure that's oriented around publishing mymind has "no collaboration, no social pressure, always private" in their manifesto mymind is more like pintrest

the quickest way I've found to create a wiki is through GitHub https://github.com/crabl/brain/wiki/Augmenting-Human-Intellect

if you are not on the techie side, and if you already know how to use wordpress, it suffices to add a plugin like this https://wordpress.org/plugins/wiki-page-links/

If you use notion, I think its a great place to get started, A page, sub pages etc

I've decided to make a simple site with notion I added a thoughts database for future use as a digital garden http://thatbberg.me/



find what works for you based on your needs I have been using notion as my zettlekasten and I have a public space for where I add notes and share them I've found notion to be a low friction, high signal tool for sharing my ideas that I dont necessarily want to land on my blog https://www.notion.so/chaseadamsio/Why-I-use-Notion-for-Taking-Notes-1c65ce8f24a54711a27969bbc28a31a7


Ive recently stumbled upon this video by rosie campbell who thinks in roam, condences in obsidian and publishes via blot.it



I have been using blot.it. It works well and is an extremely simple way to publish markdown files.

Im looking to see what obsidian publish turns out to be like


why not use super.so and create a subdomain, digitalgarden.yourwebsite.com using a public notion page?

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