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5 No Code Digital Gardens

Here are 5 Digital Garden that you can publish with no code that I've seen recommended around the internet.

1. Dendron

The note-taking tool that grows with you

Dendron makes it easy to add, find and share anything in seconds, regardless of how much information you have

Dendron is a VS Code plugin that you can use to manage your markdown files in. So you have to download vscode and install the plugin to use it. This is all completely free.

I've recoreded a small course on some dendron basics free to watch if you'd like to find out more.

They have a managed publishing option that you can use.

The free tier gives you:

  • Host at dendron.wiki subdomain

  • One-click publishing from Github

  • Auto-updates on commit

You can pay a subscription of $5-$10 a month depending on the features you want:

  • Custom subdomain ($5/month)

  • Password protected sites ($10/month and includs custom domain)

  • Single sign on (coming soon)

  • Detailed metrics (coming soon)

2. Obsidian Publish

Obsidian is a mark down editor that has gotten quite popular over the past year. It offers a nice balance between letting you customize how it looks with good looking defaults.

The publishing option lets you choose which notes you want to be made public. Although the personal Obsidian plan is free, the publishing option will cost you $8 a month.

3. Public Notion

Notion has grown quite a bit in popularity over the past couple years. You can make specific pages in notion "indexed and public" which allows you to share your thought with the world.

This is a great option if you already spend a lot of time in notion.

There are products that will take your notion database and turn them into a custom site:

4. Publish Roam Database

Roam Research has also increased in popularity. Its like notions quarky cousin. If you want to take networked thought to the next level, its a must try!

You can make Roam Research databases public so people can explore them. This exerience isn't super great though because roam was not meant for sharing quick links. (I dont think any of the writing will be caught by SEO).

A Roam Research monthly plan costs $15.

Theres an option similar to super.so and potion.so called Roam.garden that will create a static site our of your Roam database. Its a neat option if you are sold on Roam!

Roam.garden will cost $7.5/month on top of the Roam Research subscription though which makes it one of the more expensive options.

5. Github

Github is a platform for holding source code for developers. We use to to version our software so that if we make a mistake or need to revert a change we just made, it's easy to do.

Github will also render your mardown files. You can just push a folder of markdown files up to github and use their website to share your content.

Its simple and free!

If you ever get to a point where you want to build your own blog, git hub and git is an essential piece of that puzzle so you already have a head start.


Maggie Appleton has put together a list of digital gardens. These are mostly custom sites but you can find quite a bit of inspiration in this list.