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Amy Hoy, Alex Hillman

Safari Live Notes

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Everything in business is marketing

Creating and selling a product is marketing

attracting -> persuading -> serving

You need all three ingredients

Peter Drucker

The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer.

Markets are made of customers. "marketiering"

"It's like yoh READ MY MIND!"

When they feel understood they will follow you anywhere.

E-Bombs - Educational content marketing

sstd example

Another ebomb example

brennan dunn example

Ebombs can serve any one that has a problem.

You can do ebombs on sales pages or on buy buttons

e bomb as a marketing tool example (freckle)

When you can quote your audience, you've hit a grand slam.

Using exactly the same words that people use to describe their problems is "natural seo"

When you get someone to say "omg its like you read my mind" you build:

  • trust

  • excitement

  • investment

    Sharing is a cost.. theres a social risk that of people saying your thing sucks

First Safari Exercise

We dont know what we are doing. Thats the point.

Jot down anything you are noticing about the orginal poster or the people replying to it.

first safari demo link

The orginial auther is scared that the unorganized-ness of their notes is going to ruin them, They want advice on how to do things better. a structure.

gazumped replies by saying you should optimize for sharing. Recommends GTD and workflowy

DTLow recoments templates for your notes. Theres a pain of structuring them in the correct format

Jbenson2 says styling isnt important... finding them again is

If your organized your organized.. not really advice.

Not sure what to take notes on.. aimless is a good word

First Safari Exercise Solution

Takes notes on these chategories

  • pain

  • recommendations

  • jargon

My notes dont split things up into categories. I grouped them by people.

I focused on recommendations. I was interpreting not taking exactly what they said.

Extract data as it is and analyze it later.

Alexs safari

Sales Safari Basics

3 Ingredients for speaking their language

  • pain

  • jargon

  • recommendations


pain is not of just help me this is aweful

The facts: outcome they want but didnt get eg you have ugly cabinets but dont want to pay for them

The feelings around it eg you are anxious about the effort of new cabinets and unsure if a shortcut will work

The actions/behaviours triggered Asking for help, procrastinating, hoping, looking for alternatives, just trying shortcuts.

Hope is like smoke signals for pain.


specialty words, terms of art "full overlay" "full-stake" "bokeh" "creamy"

insider lingo normal words used in an unusual way inside a Community

Tribalism is real and using the right words with the community can help that


more subtle than jargon, lesson subtle than pain

advice do this, try this, did you try this, experience says, do NOT try this

references read this, listen to this, check out this guy

products buy this, don't buy this I bought this and... make note of prices

You need to find what the audience thinks of the products they recommend

Safari lots of threads. Search for things you find over and over.

Find it where it lives, dont just fill your buckets

Selection bias

2:31:51 left in the video

Sales Safari Template:



the posters' pains (current, past, implied)


terms of art, technical lingo, community phrases


advice, what to buy, read, share, try or NOT to

Dont use tools

Safari is not something you automate or optimize.

This is brain exercise. Most people wont use their brain. People will optimize and be lazy.

Amy has made millions of dollars doing this with text files and note cards.

Example 2

URL: https://web.archive.org/web/20151030195401/https://advice.thisoldhouse.com/showthread.php?117838-Smelly-hot-water-help! DATE: 04/20/2021


the posters' pains (current, past, implied)

  • our hot water smells

    • smells pretty nasty

  • plumbers need to be double checked

  • earthquakes

  • elavate your gas heater in the garage

  • hot water heaters that sit will start to smell like a rotten egg

  • "contrary to common sense, water filters make the egg smell worse"


terms of art, technical lingo, community phrases

  • gas water heater

  • chemical build up

  • plumber

  • magnesium anodes

  • flex supply lines

  • shut off valve

  • safety straps

  • home instpector

  • hydrogen ions


advice, what to buy, read, share, try or NOT to

Example 2 Amy does it

  • cameback from a 2-week tripe

  • not all jargon shows up in the future but its better to have it

  • pain is something that will cause you to lose time or money

1 Thread is usually never enough

These are places you should be hanging out and professionally spend time. You can make your time valuable hanging out online by doing safari.

"Hang out with a purpose"

Watering holes

Look for people asking questions

create ebombs from Sales Safari

  • why are they posting

  • posting online to strangers assumes some amount of pain

  • hope is the smoke signal of pain

  • if you can say anything useful about the pain you just learned about, you have an ebomb

Example 3

URL: https://www.amazon.com/review/R35AAGZLU6JAQ7/ref=cm_cr_dp_cmt?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B000ELUQQS&nodeID=2619533011&store=pet-supplies DATE: 04/20/2021


the lid looks nice (implying that some dont) a lot of effort and money to maintain it $50 forever litter tray is a must have crystal litter is much pricier than regular clumpling Clay Makercrystal litter is terrible for odor control and crazy expensive slightly better than littermade worse than litter-robot and chillx auto egg the moto is way to noisy cleaning rake could quickly become sticky it looks like a nomral litter box

rake will rust and get crappy "no matter what other reviewers will say" bought another new one because of the rake if cat does not properly cover poop, it will stick to the rake

foul smell button to remove if foul smell is too bad maintenance is minimal have to use more litter than necessary (it pushes the litter in the waste automatically) crystal litter is much better rake does not work with cats and diarrhea getting the permanent litter bottom because Im not paying $50 for 3 disposable ones.


clumping clay crystal litter cleaning rake littermade chillx auto egg litter-robot


cover the rake with plastic straws so that you can easily replace them. poop doesnt stick

use the LitterWorks Permanent Scoopfree Compatible litter tray heavy duty found Exquizicate micro crystals cat litter from pet smart to be the best Vibrant life mini crystal uncented cat letter, Walmarts brand, is cheap and works just as well as Exquisicat the forever tray over the disposable

Sales safari is the input to Fix Storming

all products create new pains

Solve the problem enough to get them to the next stage.

Dont let existing products deter you. People are trying to buy products.

pretend you are studying an alien

sales safari is to a product as flour is to cake

  1. understand an audience

  2. attract an audience

  3. persuade

  4. help

  5. then sell

what product would sell? how do people know where to buy your product

safari is a root tool

safari data -> ebombs -> attract audience -> help them through content

gives audience confidence that you are someone that makes awesome stuff

close the loop, share your ebombs in the places that you safaried


how do you abstract the pain from "how do i do x?"

ferret out the implied pain

if people are asking questions about things, then there is a pain there

drive by question and answer may not be the best watering holes

places where people are actually having problems

how do I sort through the plethera of sales safari data?

index cards and sorting them

how to find watering holes when people dont openly talk about their pain?

pain can be inferred.

they can also be in a place you dont hang out (linked in groups)

do you have to know the target market?

people like you people who want to be like you people who would hire you

method to find a watering hole for every profession?

can I use this on audiences that im not a part of?

You need lots of experience to do this. You are wasting your advantages if you want to sell to an audience you dont belong to

Finding a watering hole

Quora and Stack Overflow arent a good watering hole. They dont have prolonged convos

They are good for finding keywords and building reputation

find the value mindset

people that actively look for things that save their time or money.

Their are non professional audiences that will think this way

should i talk to my audience to validate my data?


Dont seek validation. Seek to help

You dont need to validate something if you have to data.

You go to where the fish are and feed them what they want to eat.

how do I know what Im going to make is going to make me money?

What does it cost you? The margins dont matter. What gets you to where you want to be?

can you pick an audience to you are new to?

it can work. The beginner mind set can be helpful

share what you learn as you go

when you know the pains, how do you know what to sell?

You have to find the venn diagram of what these people want to buy and what you are best suited to create for them.

Fix Storming

How do you create ebombs from safari?

be helpful in the thread and then take your comment and the thread and make it contained and go back and post the blog post in that thread.