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Review Your Own Pr's

I recently recieved Chris Biscardi's newsletter on reviewing your own pull requests after you open one. This practice improves your code and is a great communication skill. I'd recommend it to anyone. Peep through any of eggheads public pull requests and you'll see a great example of how self-reviewing a pr.

In Chris's words:

There's a few reasons to do this. There's the good reason that it gives more direction and context to other reviewers to help make the end product even better and also it develops empathy.

When I worked at egghead.io, we were all required to be the first reviewer of our own pull requests. I often found myself catching silly bugs or typo's that I had missed early. Reviewing your own code gives you a chance to think out loud about the solution you came up with. Often you tried multiple solutions to a problem and going over the reasons you chose what you did in the PR is a fantastic way to communicate around your code.

This practice has long term benefits as well. If you need to go back and review a feature you or someone else wrote a while ago, these reviews can give you context around the decisions made and really bring you up to speed with that feature.